Silk-screened Poster Set

from UZALA


Set of 3 art prints by UZALA's Darcy Nutt. This artwork is featured on the booklet insert of both the cd and lp of Tales of Blood & Fire. 12.5" x 12.5" Black ink on heavy-weight, natural grain French speckle-tone paper. Limited edition of 100 signed and numbered by Darcy Nutt.

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UZALA Boise, Idaho

Chad Remains-riffs, feedback, grief

Darcy Nutt - vocals, guitar/subharmonics

"I found the UZALA album unsettling the first time I heard it. It has a vibe to it that until now I had only heard on the Aleister Crowley recordings, it’s just sinister as fuck!

I like that...


-DOOMLORD Grim Towers, Manchester, England
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